Dream of: 05 July 1999 "Fixing Floors"

Carolina and I were in the upstairs of the Gallia County Farmhouse, working on the wooden floors. We were planning to upgrade the entire second floor. Another man was working with us, and he was supervising the work. We had already pulled up the old floor covering and were now busily pulling up nails still in the floor. The floor was basically in good shape, although it appeared to be sagging in a few places.

As I worked, I stepped outside the upstairs door, and started walking along a ledge along the side of the house. After I had proceeded a ways down the ledge, I looked down, and saw I was much higher than I had thought. It seemed more as if I were standing on a high cliff, looking down into a deep valley. Realizing what a precarious situation I was in, I turned around and edged back toward the door. Moving carefully, I finally made it back inside.

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