Dream of: 03 July 1999 "Just Before The War"

I was at a public gathering of people, probably in a theater where a play or opera was being performed. I looked around the room, trying to identify the people. From the way everyone was dressed and acting, I had the feeling the time was sometime in the late 1800s. I noticed Franklin D.  Roosevelt in the room, sitting and talking with other people in his theater box. He seemed to be having a jovial time, holding his long cigarette holder in his smiling mouth. At first, even though I saw Roosevelt, I didn't connect him with the time period. But finally, I realized if Roosevelt were in the room, I couldn't possibly be in the 1800s. As I continued to watch Roosevelt, I concluded that World War II must not have yet begun, and I finally decided the year was 1939, just before the war.

The room also seemed somewhat like an elegant restaurant. I was seated at a table with a number of other people. A very attractive woman sitting at the table caught my attention. She was about 30 years old, dressed in a stiffly frilly white outfit which seemed like something out of the 1890s. We soon began talking. She was extraordinarily witty and erudite. Even though she was so sophisticated, she was easy to talk with, and I loved being with her. She was such a pleasure.

However, I had a problem – I couldn't understand everything she was saying. Sometimes she seemed to be singing as she spoke, and sometimes her speech seemed garbled. I began to wonder if she was also having trouble understanding me. Finally, I told her what my problem was, that I couldn't understand her. I added that I also had this same problem with other people. She acted as if she were offended, and said, "You need help."

She wasn't really offended, however. She was just acting like that, and I answered, "Is no help available?"

She replied, "No."

She quickly gave me to realize that she didn't have time to help me with my problem. But then she did something that seemed quite strange to me: she stuck out one of her little fingers, hooked it into one of my little fingers, and began pulling back and forth on my finger. I had no idea what she was trying to tell me and I said, "That's an example of what I'm talking about. I just don't have any idea what you mean when you're doing that."

Even though I didn't understand the significance of the interlocked fingers, I did understand that she also enjoyed being with me, and that she wouldn't abandon me just because I didn't understand her. I was glad. I was having such a good time being with her. We moved closer together, touching each other more and more.

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