Dream of: 01 July 1999 "Computer Game"

Carolina and I were sitting in the front room of the House in Patriot. I was busily trying to install a game on a small computer, and eventually a picture came onto the small screen, no larger than 20 centimeters square. A cartoon figure, similar to the cartoon character Sonic the Hedgehog, began moving around the screen.

 Without my knowing it, Carolina changed the wiring on the monitor, transferring the image to a console television sitting on the floor. The result was definitely an improvement. The picture was much larger. However, the picture didn't cover the entire screen; part of the bottom of the screen was left blank. The television appeared to be rather old, and apparently was malfunctioning.

I had an idea. I went into the kitchen and picked up an old white portable television which I didn't use anymore. I carried the television back to the front room, thinking perhaps we could hook this television up to the computer. I was only worried the connection on the back of the television might not be compatible with the computer. I was afraid the connections on the back might only be for a regular antennae. When I looked at the back of the television, I saw a typical cable connection. So it looked as if it might be possible to hook it up to the computer. I was unsure how to do it, but I thought Carolina might be able to.

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