Dream of: 30 June 1999 "Another Bar Exam"

As I was sitting in a law class filed with law students, I suddenly realized I was going to have to take the bar exam in just three hours. I knew I had already taken and passed the bar exam long ago. But it had recently been determined that every lawyer in the state must retake the exam. Although I had been aware for quite some time of the upcoming exam, I had done little to prepare for it. I recalled, however, in addition to having taken the exam long ago, I had also taken the bar exam for a second time only a few months ago, and I hoped the studying I had done for that exam would help me.

When the class ended, I stood up and walked out into the hall. I walked along the hall, searching for my locker, but I couldn't seem to remember the number, it had been so long since I had been here. I examined the numbers of the lockers as I passed them, thinking my number would come to me if I saw it. I desperately needed to find my locker. I recalled I had a hardbound book in the locker which summarized all the subjects which would be on the bar exam. There were so many subjects – contracts, secured transactions, etc. – so many subjects I hadn't looked at for so long. Yet if I could just get to my locker and find the book, I might still have time to brush up and pass the test.

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