Dream of: 29 June 1999 (2) "Tickets"

Carolina and I had driven down to Mexico and spent some time there. Now we were driving back, in Texas, and had pulled over to spend the night in a room which looked like part of a motel, but was actually part of a police compound. During the night, I was quite concerned, because I knew that on the way to Mexico, I had been given a ticket by the police. I wasn't even sure of the nature of the ticket, but I knew the ticket was out there.

I could hear people talking outside my window. It sounded as if they were speaking Spanish, and I wondered if I might not still be in Mexico. Finally I heard the police outside the front door and I walked out. Several policemen were standing on the other side of the street, and one (who looked exactly like the actor Sam Elliott) walked across the street toward me. When he walked up to me, I immediately said, "Don't touch me." He didn't. He even seemed sympathetic and as he handed me the ticket, he said he didn't believe half the stuff on it.

The ticket looked like a green card for a certified mail receipt. On the card was not one, but a whole list of charges against me. As I read the charges, I began to piece together what had happened. I recalled that while I had been driving to Mexico, I had been pulled over by a policeman in Mexico. Although the cop hadn't given me the ticket at the time, he had made a ticket against me. He had charged me with using harsh language and had accused me of making "nonpluses" to him. After this first charge followed a whole list of other charges which had been added against me during my entire trip to Mexico. The last charge accused me of having raped a 16 or 17 year old girl in Mexico.

I was astonished. Not a single charge was true. I was completely innocent of every charge against me, but I still realized that I was in deep trouble and that I would have to work diligently to extricate myself from this fouled-up mess.

The officer still seemed sympathetic. Referring to the initial charge against me of speaking harshly, he said he had done worse things than that. I asked him if he had a copy of the ticket for me. He seemed embarrassed because he didn't have a copy. I pointed to a store on the corner of the street where I told him he should be able to get a copy.

I was astounded by what was happening to me. All this was the result of my having mouthed off to a police officer. I should have known better. The older I became, the more I realized a person simply shouldn't do things like that. If I got a traffic ticket, I should just accept it and go on. Otherwise, situations like this could result. Now I could see my whole life being destroyed by something completely ridiculous.

Meanwhile, another police officer was busily doing something to the dash of my car, and I saw he had pulled something out of the car. He said something about "disabling the valves," and I knew my car wasn't going to run anymore. Obviously they were also going to arrest me and lock me up. I was completely uncertain what the outcome of this mess would be. I would probably even be taken back to Mexico to face charges. I would simply have to fight each charge, one by one. It would be quite a mess.

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