Dream of: 27 June 1999 "Downtown Portsmouth"

I had started working in a new job in an office building in the downtown area of Portsmouth. I was given a desk in a large room filled with other desks and office equipment. Many people were bustling about the room, busy at their jobs. Among them was a blonde-haired girl (probably 16-17 years old) who interested me far more than my job. She was absolutely gorgeous. I couldn't believe how beautiful she was, and even though I thought I probably wouldn't have a chance with her, I eased my way closer and closer to her until I was right next to her.

I was surprised when she allowed me to touch her. I ran my hand over her smooth cheeks and praised their softness. Indeed, they were soft; but to myself I thought I could detect just an ever so slight edge of roughness, and I reflected how quickly the softness of youth wears away.

The girl made it clear that although she liked me, she wouldn't allow me to get too close to her, or touch her intimately. Nevertheless, I persisted, finally even managing to slip my hand up under her white dress, finally even letting my fingers inside her white panties, barely caressing the outer edges of her soft pubic hairs.

Abruptly, however, all my amorous actions broke to a close. A thin black-haired older woman (probably in her mid 40s) stepped in and interrupted my fun. The older woman was clearly in a position of authority, and I knew I couldn't defy her. Hardly before I could catch my breath, the older woman had ushered both the girl and me outside, informing us that work was finished for the day, and that we must all go home. The woman hurried the girl onto a waiting bus, and in no time at all they were gone, and I was left standing on the pavement in downtown Portsmouth.

I was planted on the west end of the esplanade, the central plaza downtown. When another bus pulled up, I thought I would try to catch it. But such a throng of people crowded ahead of me, I had no chance of boarding the bus before it pulled away. An enormous crowd of people were still left standing, waiting for another bus, when someone said a bus would soon be stopping at the east end of the esplanade. As I turned to head to the other end, the crowd also began pushing forward, pressing in on me. I began running ahead of the crowd, but it caught up with me, pushing me forward with such force that my feet actually left the ground. The sensation was a bit like being on the front of a train engine, being carried along at 60-70 miles an hour.

I turned to a black man next to me on my left, and saw his feet also off the ground. Like I, he also was being pushed forward at this break-neck speed by the crowd. As we flew by the storefronts, I became increasingly concerned, realizing if I were to fall, I could be severely injured or killed.

Then, almost as suddenly as the frenzy had begun, it stopped, and the crowd dispersed from behind me, leaving me standing confusedly in the middle of the sidewalk. Another black man walked up to me and asked me if he could help me in any way. I was just about to accept his offer, when he pulled a cloth mask over his face. Several other black men standing behind him did the same thing, and I realized they were going to try to harm or rob me.

Fortunately, I saw the bus had pulled up about a meter away, and I ran toward it. As I jumped on board (somewhat surprised so few people were on the bus), I hollered out to the driver, asking him if he were going to the hilltop area of Portsmouth. He was a thin black man  (probably in his late 50s). He told me to get on board. I pulled a dollar bill out of my pocket and handed it to him as I passed him. He told me he wasn't going to the hilltop area, but he would drop me off at another bus stop where I could catch a connection to the hilltop. I was grateful. All I wanted to do was to get out of downtown, to somewhere safe.

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