Dream of: 24 June 1999 "An Impressive Accomplishment"

I was in a spacious building, apparently an old warehouse, four or five stories tall, which my good Dallas friend Eloise was renovating. The rooms had tall ceilings; pipes and ducts were clearly visible, but they didn't detract from the potential grandeur of the building. Eloise was supervising perhaps 40 laborers busily installing sleek wooden floors and filling the walls with cellulose insulation. I wondered if she were insulating each floor as she proceeded.

Clearly the final building would be quite an impressive accomplishment, and I wondered how much all the renovation would cost. At first I figured Eloise might be paying about $50 a day for each worker, but then I decided she was probably paying closer to $100 or more a day. So the labor alone was probably costing her as much as $5,000 a day. Obviously the endeavor was quite expensive.

I also was helping – I was hauling things in and out the building for Eloise. As I was about to leave with another load, I reflected that I myself might be interested in a project like this. I knew my father wanted to work with me on something. Perhaps we could find an old building like this in Portsmouth and fix it up. He would probably be willing to invest the money. I would probably also enjoy it. Instead of simply buying a house and fixing it up, I would probably better appreciate a much larger project like this. I tried to think of an old building in Portsmouth like this one. Most old buildings had already been bought, but if my father and I looked hard, we could probably find one. If we worked hard on something like this, we should be able to make a tidy profit. But I would have to convince my father to spend the necessary money, and not be as tight as he sometimes was.

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