Dream of: 23 June 1999 "Divine Comedy"

While trying to catch a flight at an airport, I soon learned that my flight had been cancelled and that I might have to wait hours in the airport. I saw no alternative, I would just have to wait. However, I knew I needed to be careful while I was there. I wasn't exactly sure why, but I perceived I was in a dangerous place.

I noticed quite a few attractive women in the crowds of rushing people. Many women were unaccompanied, and I wondered if I might be able to strike up a conversation with one. Normally I wouldn't do such a thing in an airport – everyone was always in such a hurry -- but since it looked as if I were going to be there for quite a while, I thought passing the time with someone would be enjoyable. Maybe I could find a woman on the same flight as I. I noticed several black-haired oriental women who looked as if they might be interesting to talk with. One woman seemed confused about an elevator which wasn't working properly and I thought maybe I could help her.

 If I talked to her, I could direct her to the middle of the room to a table laden with books. I was standing next to the table, and was thinking of picking up a book myself. I was most interested in the book sitting up right in the middle of the table – a copy of Dante's Divine Comedy. It wasn't actually a book, but an audio book, with the cassette tapes encased in a white plastic container which looked like a book. I definitely would like to listen to the Divine Comedy on tape. I reached for it, thinking I would take it with me.

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