Dream of: 22 June 1999 "Close Encounter"

I was in the home of a dark-haired woman (about 40 years old) who was asking me questions about filing bankruptcy. I hadn't represented anyone in bankruptcy court in a long time, and at first I felt rusty. I was actually thinking about representing this woman, and I began explaining some of the details of bankruptcy. It seemed a little strange that I would be giving her legal advice in her home, rather than in an office, but the bankruptcy needed to be filed as quickly as possible, so I thought it best to handle the matter immediately.

As I was advising her, I realized I hadn't explained the difference between the two basic types of bankruptcy, chapter 7 and chapter 13. I told her that in a chapter 7 bankruptcy, the debtor is able to simply wipe out debt, while in a chapter 13 bankruptcy, the debtor has to pay back a portion or all of the debt. I had originally thought she would be able to file a chapter 7 bankruptcy, but when I asked her how much money she made each year, and she told me $50,000, I realized she probably earned too much money.

We also had a problem with her cars. We walked outside and she told me she owned three cars. Since I would only be able to exempt two cars, I asked her if all three cars were in her name. She replied no, that one of the cars was in the name of her daughter.

The daughter likewise had followed us outside. She was a pretty black-haired girl, probably Hispanic, who didn't look as if she could be more than 16 years old. Even though she was so young, I was immediately attracted to her, and I began focusing my attention on her. I walked over to her and began asking her more questions about the car. Suddenly, I felt something happen to me, and I knew it had happened to her also. It was as if some kind of spark had flashed in both of us, and we both knew we were mutually attracted to each other.

She led me back inside the house, explaining that she was selling some things. She had some small toys upstairs in her bedroom, and thinking that I might be interested in the toys, she led me upstairs. Once we had reached the upstairs, she handed me five or six tiny toys and told me I could simply have them if I wanted them, that I didn't have to pay her for them. I liked the toys and I definitely wanted them. However, I was much more interested in her, and when she walked over to the bed and lay down, I followed her.

I lay next to her and pressed my body against hers. I already had an erection, but I was having a problem because my penis was bent back double in a very uncomfortable position. I didn't want to reach my hand into my pants and straighten out my penis, but I couldn't go on like this. Finally I had to back away from the girl, reach down, and straighten out my penis.

I felt embarrassed by my action and the mood was broken. The girl slipped off the other side of the bed and stood back up. I also stood up, regretting that I hadn't been able to press against her with a fully erect penis for her to feel. After all, she was so absolutely delicious.

Suddenly, I realized I might be making a terrible mistake. I remembered Carolina was also downstairs. She might even come up here. How could I possibly explain if Carolina were to find me in bed with this girl? Besides, I began doubt whether I really wanted to be with this girl. True, she certainly seemed beautiful at the moment. But what would I think after I had had sex with her a few times? My experience had been that women seemed much more desirable before sex, but after intimacy, the gold always turned to brass. Even now, as I looked more objectively at the girl, I realized she had little to offer, other than sex.

Nevertheless, she was still very friendly toward me, and I felt friendly toward her, even though I now doubted we would have sex. She told me I could still have the toys, but I quickly decided I didn't want to take them for free. Carolina would be suspicious as to why the girl would simply give me the toys for nothing. No, I would pay her something, perhaps $5 for the toys.

We both walked back downstairs, and the girl led me to the back yard, where she had some other things which she was selling. Some camping equipment interested me. I also noticed what looked like an inflatable body, lying on its back in the grass. It looked interesting, but I thought I had no use for it. In fact, I was beginning to doubt I would buy anything from the back yard.

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