Dream of: 20 June 1999 "Shabby Accommodations"

I was trying to get to my new home, a rather run-down brick building into which I had moved with my mother, and perhaps another sibling. We had only stayed in the building one night. I had left the building that morning and now I was on the other side of town, trying to return.

I finally caught a ride with a black man. I got into the front seat with him, and he took off. But instead of going to my new home, he took me to his home, where I spent the night with him. The next morning, when I woke up, I walked outside and looked around. Outside was a rather spacious area with a roof for parking cars, but no walls. Quite a bit of nice furniture was stored in this area, including two particularly elegant dining room sets. Everything was neatly arranged and projected a pleasing ambience.

When the black fellow finally came outside, we once again boarded his car and set out for my place. But this time I was driving and he was in the passenger seat. On the way, I reflected that my new accommodations were so much shabbier than those of the black man's, and I was somewhat ashamed of the thought of his seeing my home. I was also aware I was living in the black section of town. In fact it was the blackest of the black – I even estimated it was the top one percent blackest of the black area. It seemed strange even to me that I would pick such an area in which to live. However, at the same time, it wasn't that bad, and I knew I would only live in the building a short while. I wondered if I should tell the man that I had only recently sold my house, and that I actually had around $200,000. Since I didn't want to squander the money, I had decided to temporarily live in such poor quarters, even though I had never lived in a place like this before. But I finally decided it would be best not to say anything about the money I had.

I was having quite a bit of trouble driving the car. The seat leaned back uncomfortably and I couldn't seem to make the brakes work correctly. Consequently, I ran several red lights. Fortunately, the streets had almost no traffic on them and we didn't come close to hitting anyone. A couple times the fellow even told me to go on through the red lights, and I concluded he also must regularly run these red lights. Finally he pulled up the seat somewhat so I could see better, and we continued down the road.

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