Dream of: 17 June 1999 "Sťance?"

Carolina and I were in Gallia County, Ohio, where we had heard something strange (some kind of magic) was going on. I didn't know, I thought it was just hocus-pocus, but Carolina and I rode out into the country to a place where we would be able to witness this strange magic. We reached a house where the magic was supposed to start.

We pulled up and stepped out of the car. When I heard a noise, I ducked into some bushes along the side of the road, then realized I had become separated from Carolina. I heard something coming toward me and saw what looked like a black dog at first, then like a person. In my pocket I had a little vial of pepper spray which I thought I might have to use.

I stepped back out on the road and began looking for Carolina, debating whether to go to the house. Suddenly I suddenly saw Carolina (wearing a long white nightgown) riding toward me on a big tall horse. I could hardly believe my eyes. Apparently Carolina had somehow taken the matter into her own hands and mounted this horse. I turned away from Carolina just for a second, and when I looked back at her and she riding a little pony. I couldn't believe what had happened right there before my eyes.  The change was incredible. Obviously some power which I didn't understand was at work here. It was very strange.

I looked over toward the door of the house and a thin woman came out. At first she looked retarded and it seemed as if I knew her from somewhere. When we walked closer to her, I saw she wasn't retarded at all. At first she had appeared to have black marks all over her face, but now she looked normal.  I sat down with her and said, "Do I know you?"

I thought I might have gone to school with her, but then I realized that she was probably only about 25 years old and that I didn't know her. I said, "I'm much older than you."

She now seemed simply like a normal person. She pulled out a form (a legal document) for Carolina to sign on both sides so we could go on a tour of the place. I was familiar with the document and I knew what was in it. It wasn't important and I told Carolina to go ahead and sign it.

I talked more with the woman. I was beginning to realize some kind of power was at work here, but I didn't know what. I said, "There's gotta be somebody behind this."

The woman said if I wanted to find out who was behind it, I would have to go to a trust or a ... She stumbled on the next word and Carolina and I said together "Sťance?"

I was curious that something so strange would be going on in Gallia County because Gallia County was always so predictable and straight. Now, however, something strange was definitely transpiring here. I tried to question the woman, but she obviously didn't know much. She was simply the entry point for this phenomenon.

I knew there would be a charge, although I didn't know how much. I thought it might be as high as $50 apiece. I was willing to pay because I wanted to get to the bottom of this. I had started out thinking I would only find something normal out here, but now I realized something very strange was going on. I wanted to learn what it was.

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