Dream of: 14 June 1999 "En Alto"

While Carolina and I had been staying in a resort area -- apparently in another country -- something strange started happening. We had found a tall building which a bunch of people were trying to climb to the top. Some people, including Carolina, were able to enter the building and reach the top, but a small group, including me, couldn't make it.

Separated from Carolina, I boarded an elevator with a crowd of people and headed up. The elevator took off. Several fellows on the elevator were Hispanic, and one belligerently pushed me. He wanted to fight. A second fellow who had previously had trouble with the belligerent fellow grabbed the finger of the belligerent fellow and I heard the finger crack, as if it were broken. I started thinking I had been having a lot of trouble with different fellows lately. I didn't know why -- I hadn't been trying to start any problems. Was there something about me or about my attitude which caused me to have so much trouble? I didn't think I had an attitude problem so I didn't know why I was having so much trouble here.

When the elevator stopped and I stepped off, I realized I was back where I had started on the first floor. I couldn't believe it. I had felt the elevator going up, and I couldn't remember it stopping and heading back down. It had just been one continuous ride. The other people couldn't believe it either.

I stepped out of the building. At the same time I began realizing I was having some growths on my back. I didn't know what they were, but I gradually realized that I had the power to fly and that I could fly up around the building. I also realized a few other people were beginning to have the growths. The people who had the growths were the same people who hadn't been able to go up to the top of the building. Now we were able to fly up around the building -- it was wonderful. None of us had met each other yet and we started meeting.

Finally I landed and began walking around the outside of the building, meeting more of the people who hadn't been able to go up. Some of the others knew people inside the building, but the people outside couldn't reach the people inside any longer. I met one fellow and asked him if he could go up, and he said he couldn't. I asked him if he had noticed any growths on his body. I asked him, "No tiene plumas?"

At first he said no, but then I started talking with him more about the growths and how they enabled a person to fly. He finally asked me if I wanted to go "en alto," and it became clear that he did indeed have the growths. I said, "Sure," and together we started flying up. Two other fellows joined us. I began talking about how I liked having the growths. However I had a problem: Carolina was inside the building and I couldn't reach her. One of the other fellows also had a loved one inside. We were willing to take a chance and experiment with our growths, but the people we loved were trapped inside and we couldn't get them out. Now we didn't even know for sure whether our loved ones were still in the building. We could fly all the way to the top of the building and fly around outside, but we couldn't tell who was inside.

The four of us flew to the top of the building. It almost seemed as if we were taking an elevator. As we ascended, I felt a terrific pain inside me because I couldn't get to Carolina and I didn't even know if she were inside anymore. It was a terrible feeling because I now knew she and I were separated. I had this power which she didn't have, and I couldn't reach her anymore. I said, "Ni siquiera estoy seguro que esta alli."

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