Dream of: 12 June 1999 "Sexual Experimentation"

A Mafioso boss who owned a large mansion had sent Robert DeNiro (about 45 years old) to the mansion to do some work. When DeNiro (dressed in a black sports jacket and black pants) arrived at the house, he walked through the rooms and placed little round sticker price tags on everything. While DeNiro was working in the dining room, I walked in, and a woman who was the caretaker of the house also walked in. The woman was holding a hand gun, which she pointed at DeNiro. DeNiro immediately told her he had been sent by the boss, but she was uncertain whether she should believe him. I confirmed DeNiro's story, that he had been sent by the boss. I further added if she shot DeNiro, when the boss finally came, he might shoot her. Or, I added, the boss might not shoot her, but instead simply throw something through the window to express his anger. Most likely (I continued rather humorously) the boss would simply throw something through the window. But, I told her, I was absolutely sure DeNiro had been sent by the boss to make some changes in the house. However, I was unsure of the purpose of the price tags. I didn't know whether the boss was simply taking an inventory, or whether he actually intended to sell the things in the house.

 The woman finally believed me and lowered her gun. Once we could relax again, I walked into the next room, where I found Birdie. She looked very good. She was standing up on something like a table, dressed only in a skimpy nightie and panties. I walked over to the table and pulled her off to me. At the same time, I could see that DeNiro and the woman in the next room had made up, and that now they were actually kissing each other.

Once I had Birdie in front of me, I stood behind her so her back was toward me. At the same time, DeNiro and the other woman walked into the room where Birdie and I were. When DeNiro had stepped up right in front of Birdie, facing her, I pulled her nightie up over her breasts. When DeNiro saw what I had done, he reached out, put one hand on her breast, and stuck the other hand down inside her panties.

I allowed the action. I thought DeNiro had dated Birdie before I had, and I somewhat confused him with an old boyfriend of hers, Ramo Roberts. Mainly I wanted to experiment more with sex, to try for more intense sexual experiences. Sharing Birdie with someone else seemed to be a way of reaching this goal. Birdie didn't seem to mind. But I didn't want to go any farther at the moment. I only wanted to allow DeNiro to touch Birdie, nothing more.

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