Dream of: 11 June 1999 "Teacher! Teacher!"

Carolina and I had traveled to a spot on the other side of town, to a dilapidated old building where a band was playing on one of the upper stories. Several rooms had been gutted out to make space for a small audience, and stages for two bands, one on each end, had been set up. When we arrived, perhaps 100 people were gathered, listening to the bands. I was surprised so few people were present, especially since John Lennon and Paul McCartney were in one of the bands.

Carolina went to one end of the room to listen to one of the bands, while I stayed to listen to the band at the other end. But I soon became a little concerned about what had happened to Carolina. The crowd was rather unruly, and I especially took note of three rough-looking fellows who walked in carrying a couple fifths of whiskey. I tried not to become over-concerned, accepting that we were in a rough area of town, and resolved to simply stay on guard.

When I had entered, I had been carrying a couple of hard-back books. Although I had set the books down and was no longer burdened by them, I had picked up another book which I was now toting around.

At first Lennon and McCartney were playing in the band at my end of the room. But after a while, they disappeared, and I thought they must have moved down to the band at the other end. Some members of the band were still playing at my end, but when they suddenly also stopped, I decided to walk down to the other end of the room where Carolina was. No sooner had I reached the other band than it also stopped playing. To my surprise, apparently the music was finished. All the band members, one after the other, began filing out of the room right past me. The musicians shook people's hands as they passed them, and I also shook hands with several of them. One musician even gave me a hug.

I was particularly interested in one band member, a tall fellow (about 25 years old). When he reached me, I said to him, "I hope I see you again." I paused, then asked, "You don't have a web site do you?"

I thought if he had a web site, we might be able to write each other. But to my disappointment, he replied, "No," and then walked on.

When the last band member had walked out, I suddenly realized everyone else in the room had also left. In a sudden surge of near panic, I wondered what had happened to Carolina. Then without warning, all the lights went out, and the room turned pitch black. I groped around until I found a light switch, and flipped on the light. But almost immediately, someone with a flashlight turned the light back off.

I was immediately apprehensive about this fellow with the flashlight. My wallet was in my back pocket; I could easily be robbed. I felt my way toward the stairway, until I could hear Carolina at the bottom of the stairs, with a sweet and coy voice, enigmatically hollering up to me, "Teacher! Teacher!"

I stopped for a moment, realizing I had left my two books behind. I also realized that while I had been listening to the band, I had taken off my shirt and laid it down somewhere. I hollered down to Carolina, "I've got to find my shirt and books!"

Suddenly I realized that I couldn't go back for the books and shirt, that I was in imminent danger. I began running down the stairs as fast as I could. As I raced down step after step, I realized the fellow with the flashlight was right behind me, almost on top of me. I wasn't certain he was chasing me, but it seemed as if he were. I hollered to Carolina, "Go, Carolina! Go!"

When I finally hit the bottom of the stairs, I looked all around for Carolina, but I couldn't see her anywhere. I was starting to become really worried about her. The fellow with the flashlight was just about to reach me. Not a pleasant situation.

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