Dream of: 10 June 1999 "Mystery Game"

A group of people and I were staying at a resort hotel which was eerily similar to the hotel in the movie The Shinning. While we stayed at the hotel, we were all playing an intricate mystery game. As we were given clues, each of us was trying to solve a complicated mystery. I wasn't completely sure of all the complexities of the mystery. I knew the mystery was supposed to be just a game, but at the same time, I felt as if it contained a certain amount of reality. As a group, all the other people and I moved around the labyrinthine hotel, trying to solve the mystery, trying to find clues.

A very attractive woman was in charge of the enterprise, and as the game proceeded, I had the feeling that the woman favored me. My suspicions seemed to be confirmed when the woman furtively handed me a hard cover book with a book cover. When I opened the book, right at the front I found a black page which had something hand-printed on it in large child-like letters. The writing said that I should meet the woman at the shed behind the hotel.

Despite my efforts to hide the book and the clandestine message from the others in my group, some of the people were crowding in on me, trying to read the page over my shoulder, and when the back door to the hotel was flung open, everyone surged outside, into the snow-covered back yard. All the others seemed to meander in an aimless line throw the knee-deep snow, but I focused my attention on the little run-down clapboard shack at the foot of the yard. When I began moving toward the shack, the others sensed my aim, and everyone turned and likewise hurried toward the shack.

I was first to reach the shed. I flung open the door and stuck my foot inside. But before I could make another move, the others crowded around me, also trying to push their way in. I stopped in my tracks and hollered, "Wait!"

I realized I was about to make a terrible mistake by barging into the shed, because in front of me was a complicated scene which clearly was meant to convey some kind of story.

On the floor in front of me was a group of many small statues, each about eight centimeters tall. I had already trampled one statue of a deer. Fifteen or twenty other deer statues were still left standing. All the deer seemed to be gathered around a central object, and I had the feeling that the setting was supposed to resemble some kind of island. Fortunately I had only knocked over one of the deer, and all the others were left standing.

The only other figure not standing was a small figure of Mickey Mouse, dressed up as a magician the way he had appeared in the movie Fantasia. I found it particularly interesting that this figure of the magician Mickey Mouse was lying on its side, and I wondered if the knocked-over statue was some kind of clue for the mystery.

Just to my right was another group of statues on the floor. In the midst of those statues was one which looked like a fairy godmother, holding a wand, such as might have come from the Cinderella story. Grouped around the fairy godmother were many other indistinct statues.

Besides the array of statues on the floor, the walls were hung with sundry unusual objects. As I looked over the whole scene, I knew at once that everything in this shed was arranged to convey some kind of story. But there were so many objects and so much information, I simply couldn't grasp it all, or put the story together. I could only be sure that the woman had given me this clue for a reason, and that everything I was seeing could somehow be fit together to help me solve the mystery.

I still wondered why the woman had given the clue to me and not to the others. Did she really favor me? At any rate, I was having a lot of fun, even though the mystery was extremely complicated.

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