Dream of: 06 June 1999 "New Powers"

Carolina and I had spent the night in the House in Patriot where my grandfather Liston, my grandmother Leacy and my uncle George were living. After Carolina and I had gotten up the next morning, we were standing around the living room/kitchen, trying to decide what to do with the day. George was sitting on the floor with his legs bent back under him, the way he usually sat. I asked him where Liston was and George replied that Liston had already left to eat at a restaurant. This seemed so typical of Liston: Carolina and I had come all the way out here to visit him, and not only did he not invite us to eat with him, he had left without even seeing us. It seemed it had always been so with him.

But this time, I decided I was going to do something about it: I was going to go to the restaurant where Liston was having breakfast. I asked George where the restaurant was, and he gave me directions. Apparently the restaurant stood alongside a country road not far from us.

Carolina and I boarded a pickup truck, and with me driving, we headed down one of the little country roads leading out of Patriot. But it only took a few moments before I realized I was having serious problems with the truck. I couldn't find the brake with my foot. The gas peddle also wasn't working, even though we were moving along about twenty miles an hour. I also couldn't control the steering. On top of everything, I was moving backwards instead of forward.

I told Carolina I was having trouble and I asked her to help. My main concern was the brakes: if we could just get the brakes to work, we could stop the truck and avoid having an accident. Carolina reached down on the floor and was able to find the brake, which was just hanging loose, and she handed it to me. The brake looked more like a joy stick for a computer, made of white plastic, with a couple buttons on it. I figured it was designed so people with disabled legs could stop the truck with their hands. I pressed one of the buttons and to my relief, the truck began to slow down.

But, I still had difficulty because several cars were on the road headed towards us, and I couldn't force the truck to stop completely. I was also still having trouble because we were moving backwards, and I couldn't control the steering. Finally, however, I was able to steer the truck toward the side of the road. I tried to avoid backing into a deep ditch, but the truck wouldn't slow down enough, and the back end of the truck slid into the ditch.

As soon as I got out of the truck, I realized I would need to find help. Fortunately, a college was nearby. I must have left Carolina behind, because the next thing I knew, I was inside one of the buildings of the college. The building was tall and I was on the top floor. In a flurry, I met with several people and was inducted as a student into the college. I was vaguely aware that my course of studies wouldn't be a normal one, that I would be undertaking some kind of paranormal studies. But only when someone directed me to the elevator did I begin to grasp the nature of my studies.

When I looked into the elevator, I saw no elevator inside, only an empty shaft. Inside the shaft, without the benefit of an elevator, people were flying up and down from floor to floor. A helpful woman told me now that I had joined the college, I also could simply float up and down the shaft. I was dubious, but feeling as if this were my first lesson, I stepped into the shaft and began slowly floating downward. The sensation was exhilarating. Because no doors were on the shaft, I could see into each floor as I passed it.

After passing several floors, I lingered floating in front of one floor, where a fellow was standing in front of the door, talking on a telephone. He was probably only about twenty years old, dressed in black. I overheard him saying something about getting a wrecker to pull a car out of a parking lot. I immediately realized this fellow was involved with the same kind of problem that I had – getting a wrecker to pull a car. I quickly decided I needed to somehow get together with him.

But I didn't stop to talk with him. Instead, I continued floating to the bottom of the shaft, until I came to a stop, and stepped out of the elevator onto the sidewalk outside the building. As soon as I was on the sidewalk, and saw other people walking around me, I suddenly realized not everyone here at the college was studying the same thing I was studying. Since I was taking a special course, I would have certain powers which normal people wouldn't have. Most people here were simply normal students and would not have special powers, such as being able to fly up and down the elevator shaft.

Still feeling exhilarated by my new-found powers, I wondered what other powers I might have. I just happened to notice someone throw something into a garbage can right next to me, and I glanced inside the can. I was surprised to see quite a few pieces of paper money in the can. I immediately thought this money must also have something to do with my new powers. Maybe other people who didn't have the powers couldn't see the money. Seeing my chance, I reached into the garbage can and pulled out several of the bills. But once I had the bills in my hand, I felt rather ridiculous – it was only worthless play money. I wondered if other people were looking disdainfully at me with the worthless money in my hand. I sheepishly thought I still had a lot to learn about using my new powers.

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