Dream of: 04 June 1999 (2) "Injured Bird"

In Portsmouth, I was sitting in a variety store called Maynard's which used to be on Second Street, a store where all kinds of odds and ends were sold. I was sitting and studying for a test which I had to take an hour from now. I had another class starting in a few minutes which I had decided to skip, just so I could study for the test.

Anderson was also studying in the room. When I heard some loud noise outside, Anderson and I ran out to see what had happened. Lying on the sidewalk in front of us we found a bird, obviously injured from a crash. It looked as if the bird had flown into the side of the building. I didn't know how serious was the injury, but hoped the bird might just have knocked itself out and be unconscious. When other people began gathering around the disabled bird, I told them not to touch it. I also hollered out we needed a doctor. Finally, a man got out of a car and walked up. I thought he was a doctor, but he wasn't. I was almost becoming frantic, thinking the bird needed a doctor as quickly as possible.

A small shoe was lying next to the bird; I thought the shoe had come off the bird. But when I looked inside, I was disgusted by what I saw – it was full of maggots. I told Anderson to look in the shoe and see what he thought. I was completely befuddled. It just didn't make any sense that the bird would be wearing a shoe with maggots in it. Someone else picked up the shoe and locked inside.

Part of the bird had also fallen off. The bird had a body like an insect – head, thorax, and abdomen – and the part which resembled the abdomen had broken off. Nevertheless, the bird didn't appear to be seriously injured; it looked as if the severed part was actually supposed to fall off.

Suddenly the bird rose into the air and tentatively began flying. It flew over to a small tree and hovered beside the tree. I sensed there was something very peculiar about the bird. I walked over next to it, and stared intently at it. It now looked bigger than when it had been lying on the sidewalk. It was black with small white dots on it. As it continued to hover in the air, I said to it, "Can you talk?"

The bird didn't answer me. Instead, with its beak, the bird picked up a small baby crib, about a meter square, made of blue vinyl, sitting on the sidewalk. I had no idea why the bird would be pulling a baby crib; it certainly was a strange sight.

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