Dream of: 04 June 1999 "Dissolute Scene"

I was in a nightclub in the same building which used to house the Laroy Theater in Portsmouth. I was sitting on a stool at a high table with several old friends from Portsmouth, including Walls and Birdie; Birdie was sitting next to me on my left. Both Walls and Birdie looked about 20 years old. Even though I hadn't seen Birdie in a long time, she and I were planning to get married. Although I really didn't want to marry her, the wedding was already planned, and I simply didn't know how to get out of it.

As I looked at Birdie, I realized I hadn't seen her naked in a long time. Now I was disturbed by what I saw. Her neck was completely encrusted with scabs which disappeared under her shirt. When I looked up at her face, I realized her face was also covered with the monstrous encrustations. Only about a centimeter of her face, just above her nose, was free of the scabs. I even pointed the scabs out to Walls. But Birdie herself seemed completely oblivious to her problem. When she expressed no concern, I told her she needed to go to the doctor immediately, and that I myself would even take her the next day. She seemed upset by what I was saying, and finally she stood and walked off. I was unsure where she disappeared to.

I wasn't having a good time, and since I was unsure what had happened to Birdie, I decided to leave. Walls and I stood up, and walked out the front door. Just as we reached the sidewalk, I saw a group of perhaps 20 people approaching us. Everyone in the group looked as if they were 19-20 years old, and I recognized two people: Weinstein and Anderson.

I overheard two fellows talking to Anderson, saying they wanted to go home. The two were dressed in nice clothes, and looked as if they were probably from out of town. When Anderson finally saw me, he walked over to talk to me. To Anderson I said, "So you've been hitting all the high spots?" I thought he and his gang had been trekking around from bar to bar. I also said hi to Weinstein, but he ignored me. I was unsure he had heard me, but I had the feeling he didn't care much for my anymore. I felt a little ashamed of having Weinstein see me with Walls. Walls hadn't made much of himself and even though Walls was young, he seemed to have aged prematurely, his hair having already turned gray. I thought Weinstein would be disdainful of my still hanging around with Walls.

Everyone in the group seemed to be in a playful mood, and soon they began wrestling around with each other until finally they all fell down, like dominoes, one after the other. They knocked Walls over with them. I was feeling uncomfortable with the whole dissolute scene and just wanted to leave. I turned to Walls and told him we needed to move on.

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