Dream of: 03 June 1999 (2) "Double Entendre"

I was having a conference with a woman whom I had recently begun representing in a legal matter. She was blonde (probably in her mid 40s) and she strongly resembled the actress Shelly Winters. She had originally been represented by another attorney, but I had taken over the other attorney's role. My representation of her had been successful, and we were now simply wrapping up the final details. The total fee had been $350, of which she had only paid $50. But I told her not to worry about the other $300.

We weren't having our conference in an office, but in a rather dilapidated room in a run-down area of town. However, we were both comfortable where we were, and as we talked, we moved closer and closer to each other until our cheeks were almost touching. Surprisingly, I realized I was becoming aroused by the woman. This was strange because I usually was attracted to younger women. But I began fantasizing about having a fling with the woman, thinking how pleasurable it might be to go to bed with an older woman.

I suggested we might have a meal together close to where she lived. But first, I had to give her directions to get to her place from here. I knew she needed to take route 360, and I pulled out a piece of paper to draw a map for her. Thinking I knew of a restaurant close to her home where we might meet, I said, "You need some good meat."

I was devilishly aware of the double meaning of my words, and the words "double entendre" even went through my mind. I knew I must be very careful in dealing with this woman, because I wasn't yet sure how she felt about me, and it was necessary to maintain a professional relationship between us. Thus it was important that if I said something like "You need some good meat," I could always claim I had been actually talking about something she could eat, and not about sex.

At the same time I also felt a bit uncomfortable about mentioning meat, because I didn't actually like eating meat myself, and had no real intention of having a meal which contained meat.

I also mentioned to her that when we met at the restaurant we could discuss the $300 which she still owed me. She seemed surprised, because I had told her not to worry about the money. I explained I hadn't meant she didn't still owe me the money, simply that she didn't need to worry about it. Already I was thinking about what I would say next. I intended to say, "I'll take it out in trade." But I knew I needed to be very careful when I said this. I must make sure that this phrase could be interpreted in two ways. If she didn't actually want to have sex with me and she accused me of trying to bargain for sex (which of course was my intention), I must be able to say that she was mistaken and that I had meant something else. Since I was still unsure of her, I was walking a fine line, and I needed to be very careful with my words.

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