Dream of: 03 June 1999 "Prosecuting The Case"

A man in prison (for stealing money from a bank) had managed to rob the same bank again, even while he had been in prison. Once again he had been caught, and once again tried. This time he had been threatened with an even stiffer sentence than he had been given the first time. The penalty range on the first sentence had been 2-8 years, whereas the range on the second offense was in the neighborhood of 7-15 years.

The man hired Wheat (my attorney-friend in Dallas) to defend him on the second charge. When Wheat took on the case, he explained to the fellow that it was against the law for the fellow to receive a second sentence, so the fellow began to think he might escape further punishment.

When I heard about the matter, I became upset, because I felt Wheat was mishandling case, and in Wheat's typical fashion, was giving the poor fellow false hope. I learned that the fellow had in fact stolen over two million dollars. I further learned that Texas Governor George W. Bush was prosecuting the case and that Bush was intent on obtaining a sentence for the second offense. I therefore clearly foresaw that Wheat would finally lose the case. When the case would be lost, I knew Wheat would simply throw up his hands and say he had done everything he could. I was disgusted with Wheat's deceitful methods. Clearly Wheat knew from the beginning that he couldn't win the case, and he was simply leading the fellow on. I despised the way he misled people like that.

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