Dream of: 02 June 1999 "AWOL"

Walls and I had spent the night drinking and carousing. The following morning, sober and once again in control of ourselves, Walls, a third fellow, and I were walking through a wooded area when we were suddenly surrounded by military personnel. Walls and the other fellow were arrested and led away, while I was left to surmise that Walls and the other fellow were members of the military and had been arrested for being AWOL.

I saw the building to which they were led: a dilapidated wooden structure. The one-story building had a flat roof with a small room built on top of the roof. I figured Walls was in this room, and I decided I would try to help him. I was determined I wasn't going to simply abandon him here, that I would do whatever I could to assist him.

I climbed up the side of the building on a rotten ladder whose rungs kept breaking under my weight. I figured if I met any military personnel on top, I would make a military allusion, and say it was as difficult climbing this ladder as it was for the U.S. military to take back islands in the Pacific from the Japanese during World War II.

As soon as I stood up on the top, I was immediately surrounded by several high-ranking officers. They demanded to know what I was doing here. I quickly informed them that I was Walls' attorney, and that I was here to defend him. I knew that unless I defended Walls, he probably wouldn't have an attorney, and I definitely wasn't going to abandon him here when he needed me most.

The officers immediately respected my right to be here, and indicated that Walls was locked up in the small room on the rooftop. As I started walking toward the room, I reached for my billfold in my back pocket, to pull out my bar card to prove that I was an attorney. But it looked as if my status had already been accepted and that I would be given immediate access to my client.

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