Dream of: 01 June 1999 "Killing The Bunny"

I was spending the night outside, in a park area surrounded by trees. My pet Dalmatian Chaucer was poking around in the nearby underbrush, when suddenly, he jumped a little white rabbit. The rabbit tried to scurry away, but Chaucer was too quick for it, and quicker than a frog's tongue, Chaucer had the rabbit in his mouth, mauling it into a bloody mess.

I saw another small white animal nearby which looked more like a kitten than a rabbit. I thought of calling Chaucer's attention to it. But I decided he had wrecked enough mayhem for one night, and I let the second little creature escape.

I knew Carolina was also sleeping somewhere nearby, and I thought she might like to see the bloody carnage. I walked about ten meters from where I had been lying until I could see her sleeping tucked in among the underbrush.

Before I woke her, I had a revelation: I suddenly realized Carolina had been seeing another man. In fact, I thought she had been seeing two other men, and both of them were camped nearby in this same camping area. One of the men was named Frank and he was a professional football player. I had known Carolina had been friends with him for a while, but not until this instant had I realized she had been having an affair with him.

I hollered out to her and woke her up. Immediately I began accusing her of having an affair with Frank. She was obviously groggy and she didn't seem to comprehend what I was talking about. But I ranted on anyway, finally concluding by screaming, "I want a divorce!"

I turned away from her and stormed over to the area where I thought Frank was camping. I quickly found him and likewise began screaming at him. When he stood up, he wasn't even half my height, with his head only coming to my waist. But he was quite muscular, and as small as he was, I figured he would be a formidable foe if I had to fight him.

However, I really didn't want to fight. I just wanted to get away from this whole mess. I fantasized if I were free of Carolina, I would head south to Mexico. I would drive along the coast highway, close to the ocean. I would have no trouble meeting new people, and would probably quickly find a female companion. I had never had trouble doing so in the past. But I definitely didn't want any long term relationships. I would stay with each woman for a short while, perhaps a few weeks, and then move on.

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