Dream of: 31 May 1999 "Throughout History"

I was walking around when I dropped into a house where Wheat was living. Wheat had only recently moved into the brand new house. I had visited the house the night before, but I hadn't stayed overnight. Once I was in the house, I walked into the kitchen, where I found Wheat.

Wheat began talking about some plants which he had growing in the kitchen, and I soon realized he was thinking about starting a business to sell "kitchen plants" to people. The plants (which looked like little trees) were supposed to have beneficial powers which had something to do with the humidity in the house. There was a peculiar aspect to these plants: Wheat explained that the plants must be pulled up by the roots, and planted upside down, with the roots sticking up in the air. Wheat already had about 15-20 plants sitting in a washtub in the kitchen, with their roots sticking up in the air.

Wheat's idea seemed crazy to me, and I didn't see how the plants were going to live. I thought all the plants would simply die. Wheat should have experimented with one plant first, instead of so many, to see if it lived.

Another man who was a friend of Wheat's walked into the room. I quickly learned this man was going to go into business with Wheat selling the plants. When the man began talking to me about the plants, about how the plants had certain powers which would help a person's health, I could tell he was trying to sell me some. Clearly the plants were going to be expensive, and I quickly let him know I doubted I would buy any. Nevertheless, he continued talking about the beneficial powers of the plants on a person's health, and how no kitchen should be without one.

I answered, "Throughout history people have lived without kitchen plants."

He immediately jumped on the phrase "throughout history," and maintained history was about to change. He continued to assert the plants would revolutionize kitchens and the health benefits which would be available in kitchens. He definitely hadn't convinced me and I doubted I would be buying any.

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