Dream of: 27 May 1999 (3) "The Godfather's Priest"

As I was standing in a room, I realized my first cousin Randy (the same age as I, son of my mother's brother) was standing behind me, talking to me. When I turned around to look at him, he appeared to be only about 20 years old. He was dressed in garb that resembled that of priest, with a white collar. However, the color of his robe was brown and not black. When I asked him what was going on, he told me he was studying to become a priest. At the moment he was still a novice, and was wearing the robes of such.

I was quite surprised. In a way, his becoming a priest seemed like a good idea. But in another way, it seemed very strange.

Randy then added that when he became a priest, he was thinking of going to work for a mafia boss, becoming the mafioso's personal counselor. This notion seemed much more interesting to me than becoming an ordinary priest, and I asked him if he had ever read Mario Puzo's The Godfather. I told him that I had read all three Godfather books, and that I had seen the original The Godfather movie five or six times. To myself, I thought the three Godfather movies were my all-time favorite movies. Having read the books and seen the movies so many times, I felt rather knowledgeable on the subject. Therefore, I wanted to impress on Randy that he should take a look at the books and movies if he were serious about entering into that type of life. It certainly sounded to me as if it would be in interesting life.

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