Dream of: 27 May 1999 (2) "Butterfly Wings"

As Carolina and I were standing outside, a butterfly flew up and landed on a wall right next to me. I pointed it out to Carolina and she looked at it. I had recently become interested in butterflies and I particularly wanted to point out to Carolina the beauty of the design on the butterfly's wings. The butterfly was basically black with designs of different colors, especially red. Once when it opened its wings, the design almost reminded me of a vagina.

As I looked more closely, I saw all kinds of little pictures of man-made objects on the wings, and I excitedly pointed out the little pictures to Carolina. I saw a small design of a jet plane and of a space ship. I also saw a meticulously designed Monopoly board.

I was deeply intrigued by the designs on the butterfly's wings. I told Carolina the designs confirmed some ideas I had developed lately. I still didn't have the ideas firmly formulated in my mind. But I was convinced of a much more intimate connection between mankind and nature than I had previously thought. The mystery of it all however still befuddled me. But clearly, pictures of human devices on the wings of a butterfly showed that nature and humans were intimately connected.

When I held out my hand, the butterfly flew to me and landed on my outstretched hand. But now I realized there were actually two butterflies which appeared to be having sex. I mentioned to Carolina that I was unsure whether butterflies would bite. But it looked as if one was starting to nibble on my finger. Soon my finger looked like a thin green stalk of grass and I could definitely see the butterfly starting to take bites out it. I finally had to fling the butterflies off and let them fly away.

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