Dream of: 27 May 1999 "Moby Dick"

I was walking around a college campus where I had been attending classes. The next day was going to be the last day of one of my classes, a physics class, and at that time, all the students would have to hand in a written report on the main book we had been reading, Herman Melville's Moby Dick. I was concerned because I hadn't yet read the book, and I hadn't even been paying much attention during class. I was trying to think about how I could possibly write the report. It seemed incredible to me that we would even be reading Moby Dick in a physics class. But, apparently, our professor thought the book contained ideas which would open our minds to physics. I recalled that I had previously taken another science course from this professor in which the students had had to read the writer Miguel Cervantes' Don Quixote. I concluded that the professor thought these long difficult books were important to understand physics.

On top of everything, I had four other classes in which I had to write reports for the following day. The task seemed insurmountable, but I still had hope. I thought I might get one of the little yellow Cliff Notes summaries of Moby Dick. I knew the Cliff Notes were often quite good, and they should help me understand what the book was about.

As I walked along, I was joined by three other fellows who began walking with me. All of us were fairly scruffy-looking. They were also taking the class and we began talking about it. We were also thinking of taking a trip together and we spoke of that.

After walking around for quite a while, we finally reached a bus station and walked inside. Prices of fares were posted on the walls. I noticed one fare which said "Big," with the letters "A" and "B" next to it. I thought the price was for a trip to the Big Apple, New York. I thought maybe the four of us might travel to New York.

With a heavy brown cloth bag which I was carrying in my hand, I decided to go to the restroom. But I really didn't want to go in there by myself because several rough-looking characters were standing close to the restroom. I thought I might ask one of my companions to go with me. But instead, I simply asked him to hold my bag while I went in. But before I could walk into the men's room, a very obnoxious fellow walked into the bus station, carrying a jar of urine. To my astonishment, he walked over to one of the walls, and flung the urine all over the wall. I was appalled, especially when I saw some of the urine was dripping off the wall onto my bag. I quickly told my companion to move the bag. I also asked him if he had seen what had happened. He said he had, and expressed how shocked he had also been. It seemed to me we had walked into some hell-like situation and I said, "I don't know what we've fallen into here."

Suddenly, I thought I felt something in my back pocket, and I realized my wallet was starting to move. I abruptly turned around, to see a black fellow (about 20 years old) standing behind me with a stick, trying to pull my wallet out of my pocket with the stick. I grabbed the stick. He in turn pointed the stick at my face and started pushing it towards me. It took all my force to push him back. But fortunately I was taller and stronger than he. At the same time, I hollered out, "Call the police!"

But I knew no police were around here; we were on our own. I would have to fight off this fellow. But I didn't want to fight. I just wanted to get away. I pushed again on the stick and the fellow backed off toward another fellow with him. Both stood there, about a meter away, staring at me.

This place was far too crazy for me. I just wanted out.

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