Dream of: 26 May 1999 "At the Opera"

I was sitting in a large opera hall where I had been watching an opera with a woman who somewhat reminded me of Cathy. When the action finally stopped for intermission, we stood so we could step outside for a few moments. We had been sitting in good seats in the front row, but we were a little too far to one side. As we stood up, I pointed to some empty seats in the middle of the auditorium, six or seven rows back from the first row. I could even see the numbers on the seats – 13, 14, and 15 – but I had a little difficulty determining exactly which row the seats were in, and I asked my companion if she could tell. I hoped that when we returned, we could sit in those seats, but I didn't want to mistake the row and sit in the wrong seats. Since I was unsure of the row, I walked out unsure I would be able to use the empty seats.

As my friend and I walked outside, I began realizing how much I liked her. She no longer looked like Cathy. She now had blonde hair. She had an attractive figure and was probably in her early 20s.

Once we were outside, even though we still planned to return to the opera after the intermission, I boarded a bus, while the woman got into a car. The bus pulled out and the car with the woman traveled along behind the bus. We had not traveled far, when suddenly, without warning, the bus plunged over the side of a cliff, crashed down the side of an embankment, and landed in a creek at the bottom. I managed to pull myself out of the bus into the water, holding my head above water. Other people were also floating around me. One man had his head face down in the water, and appeared to be dead.

As soon as the bus had crashed, the woman had stopped her car and hurried down to the creek, where she was now trying to save me. I now realized just how much she cared about me. I also realized this was the woman I wanted to be with. Anyone who would try to save me like that was obviously the woman for me.

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