Dream of: 16 May 1999 "Destroying Dams"

I was standing and talking with a young Mexican boy (probably 7-8 years old) in front of a huge concrete dam in an area where tourists were allowed to visit. The boy had simply walked up to me and begun talking. I was curious about who he was and where he had come from. I was also interested about his level of education, and was a bit surprised when he told me he could speak some German. I tested him by saying a few German words and he quickly replied. Obviously he had only a rudimentary understanding of German, but at least he could speak a few words.

At the same time I was talking with the boy in person, I was also watching the scene from afar, as if I were out-of-body. In my out-of-body mind, I was aware of facts which were unknown to my in-body mind. My out-of-body mind was aware that a subversive group in Mexico had been sabotaging and destroying dams. Since so many dams had been destroyed, the dams were now off limits to most people. I however, was still allowed to visit the dams. The boy was actually a member of the subversive group, and was simply using me to gain access to this dam. Even as he stood next to me in front of the dam, he was busily drilling a hole into the dam with a small hand drill.

When the boy's drill finally broke through to the other side of the dam, the boy quickly retracted the bit, and before any water began surging through the hole, the boy suddenly absconded before I even knew what had happened. Only my out-of-body mind watched the boy slip away through a maze of narrow twisting streets close to the dam.

Gradually, however, even as I stood in front of the dam, I began to realize what the boy had done. I knew I must immediately sound the alarm that the hole had been drilled through the dam. The boy must also be stopped. However, I doubted the boy could be found. I could imagine the boy having met up with some of his co-conspirators and I could envision the boy's cohorts hiding him in a large bag and safely carrying him away from the scene. I doubted anyone would catch the boy.

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