Dream of: 15 May 1999 "Fresh Beginning"

After a string of bad luck, in a short period of time, Carolina and I had lost almost everything we owned. One calamity after another. One day we lost her car. Another day we lost a large amount of money. Day after day was something new, until we were finally left with only a pickup truck. Fortunately at least it was a good truck.

We loaded up the truck with the few possessions which we still had, got into the truck and prepared to take off. We had been staying near a large river which reminded me of the Ohio, and just as we had finally boarded the truck and were about to pull out, the truck, with us in it, slipped into the river. As we started going under the water, before the cab filled up with water, I quickly told Carolina she was going to have to swim. I knew that she couldn't swim well, and that I would have to help her.

When the truck finally settled on the bottom of the river, and the cab had almost completely filled with extremely cold water, I opened the window on the driver's side. First I slipped out, and then I pulled out Carolina, who was wearing a long heavy coat. I pushed her up on top of the cab. At the same time, I held onto the bottom of her coat, because I knew if I let go of her, I would lose her. I then pulled myself onto the top of the cab.

Once I was standing on top of the cab, still holding onto Carolina, I was able to push both our heads up above the water. With our heads above the surface, I could see the river bank, which was lined with a row of stores which looked like a scene out of the 1920s. A group of people standing in one store looked like Indians from India. They just watched us without moving.

I looked at the store next door and saw Jerry Seinfeld walk out. I hollered to him to throw us a rope. He didn't hesitate, but ran and jumped straight into the cold river to help us. From yet another store, another tall lanky fellow (about 30 years old) who also looked like an Indian, likewise jumped into the river to help us.

Seinfeld reached us first, and I handed Carolina to him. He quickly swam back to shore with her. Once I was free of Carolina, I was able to swim by myself, and I safely made it back to shore. Both the Indian and I climbed onto the bank at the same time. I thanked him for trying to help, even though he hadn't done anything. He seemed a little disappointed that he had jumped in without having been able to help. He and I talked for a few minutes. I told him how bad things had been lately. Just yesterday we had had a car and $19,000. I told him we had lost everything in such a short period of time.

However, I wasn't completely upset about having lost everything. Having nothing wouldn't be that bad. I should be able to easily start all over again. Recouping all I had lost wouldn't take so long. I was disappointed, but at the same time, it seemed like a fresh beginning.

Finally the Indian and I turned and walked into Seinfeld's store, where Carolina was.

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