Dream of: 14 May 1999 "Swimming In The Air"

I was visiting my mother in Portsmouth. She looked as if she were only about 40 years old, thin with dark black hair. She had arranged for me to go to a class reunion, at which a birthday party was also going to be held for me. However, I was very angry with her, and at first I said I wasn't going to go. I finally relented and walked over to the party, which was in the same building I was already in.

The room into which I walked was long with windows all along one of the long walls. Perhaps a hundred people were sitting in the room, facing a stage at the end on which a man was standing. He looked just like Cosby (a former fellow law student). As I walked in and stood in the middle of the room, he said something about the arrival of the ‘birthday boy." Everyone clapped for a moment, and when they finished, I hollered out, "Is it all men?"

Cosby replied in the affirmative. I was disappointed. I didn't want to be in a roomful of men; I wanted to see some women. I tried to think of something funny to say to Cosby, but when I couldn't come up with anything, I simply stood in the middle of the room for five or ten more minutes, listening to him talk, until the attention was no longer focused on me.

As I continued to look around the room, I finally noticed a few women actually scattered here and there in the crowd. Eventually I spotted a group of five women sitting together in the rear of the room. Two blonde women (each about 30 years old) were particularly attractive. I wondered if they would allow me to sit with them. I needed to work on my skills of introducing myself to people I didn't know.

Instead of walking over to the women, I decided to do a yoga exercise. One at a time, I grabbed each of my feet, my right foot with my right hand and my left foot with my left hand. I then pulled my feet into the air behind me, so my arms were back over my shoulders and my feet were in the air behind my head.

A fellow standing right in front of me noticed what I was doing and he became completely amazed I was able to do this. He stood with his mouth open, gawking at me.

Finally I let go of my feet and they flipped back to the floor, leaving me in my normal standing position. I then decided to try another exercise. I began moving my arms as if I were swimming and soon I lifted off the ground, moving my whole body, arms and legs, in a swimming motion. The exercise was quite difficult, but I continued until I was floating eight to ten meters off the ground, in the high-ceilinged room.

The same fellow who had been staring at me continued to watch me. I swam around a corner of the room, trying to evade him, but I soon saw him down below, peaking around the corner at me.

I felt proud I had this exceptional ability to swim through the air, and I thought probably no one else in the world could do this. But the strain on my muscles was taking its toll and I knew I wouldn't be able to continue long, even though I was doing a fine job for the moment. Clearly I needed to practice more on building up my muscles so I would be able to swim in the air more.

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