Dream of: 12 May 1999 "Lack Of Warmth"

I was holding a basket of bird eggs which I had laboriously gathered. Some eggs I had found lying on the ground, but most I had taken from nests. The eggs were different colors, but most were either brown or aqua. The last two eggs which I had recovered were aqua, which I knew were robin eggs.

I had a specific reason for having gathered the eggs: I had become aware that the eggs were full of marijuana seeds, and that at the appropriate time, I would be able to break open the eggs and plant the marijuana seeds. But now that I had the eggs, as I ran my hands over their slick shells, I began to have doubts. How was it possible that marijuana seeds were inside the eggs? Was it not true that marijuana seeds were created on marijuana plants? If the eggs didn't contain the seeds, I had made a terrible mistake, and had wrongly robbed the eggs from their nests.

My father suddenly walked into the living room where I was sitting. He was thin and had dark black hair. Dressed in a blue suit, he didn't look as if he were more than 30 years old. My mother also appeared and told me it was time for us to leave. Without speaking, my father opened the front door and stepped out.

I quickly slipped on a pair of black shoes. I was also dressed in a blue sports jacket and blue pants, but I noticed the pants and jacket were a slightly different color from each other; I definitely wasn't as well-dressed as my father.

Carrying my basket of eggs, I walked out to the car and climbed into the back seat. My father was already sitting in the driver's seat and my mother sat in the front passenger seat. Without delay my father started up the car and we headed out. To my surprise, however, my father began driving backwards. From our house (which sat on the edge of a forest), we quickly moved backwards right through the trees. We were moving so fast, I was sure we would crash into one of the large trees around us; several times I screamed out to my father that he was about to hit a tree. Somehow, each time, he managed to swerve just before striking a tree. Suddenly I saw we were backing toward a road which I recognized as the exact road which we needed. I was amazed to realize we had found a shortcut through the woods to the road, and I said something about how my father must have known what he had been doing after all.

As soon as my father pulled onto the road, he turned the car around. As he was doing so, I stepped out of the car, and as he pulled off, I walked over to a bed sitting in the woods and I sat down on it.

Still carrying my basket of eggs, I was now more concerned than ever about the eggs. I felt guilty because I was now convinced that I had made a mistake and that all the baby birds in the eggs would now die. I needed to break open one egg to check what was inside. I ran my hands through the eggs until I saw one cracked robin egg. I held the egg over the floor and broke it open.

Just as I feared, a mass of white egg and a partially formed baby bird fell out onto the floor. It looked as if the egg had contained two yolks, and as if the yolks had been forming into the eyes of the bird. The jelly-like mass was completely lifeless, having died from lack of warmth. It was an ugly sight, and I felt responsible for it. At least I had learned something, and this was certainly a mistake I wouldn't make again.

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