Dream of: 06 May 1999 (2) "Beauty's Not Over Yet"

A black-haired man (probably in his mid 30s) who looked just like Gregory Peck, was riding with me in a long sleek black convertible, with the top down. The car looked like something from the 1930s. I admired the man, who like I, was dressed in black leather. I even thought of him as my father. We traveled down one street after another, finally arriving at the rear of a huge frame house on the corner of a street in an elegant neighborhood. This, however, wasn't the place where we had intended to be, and we began trying to turn around to leave. When a man stuck his head out of the house, we asked him how to get out of here. He told us that we would have to go back the way we came, that this was a dead end.

Once we had turned around and headed out of the driveway along the side of the house, I looked toward the large houses on the other side of the street in front of us. But actually there was no street in front of us. Instead, a creek with high banks ran between the two rows of houses on this side and the other.

The man and I were no longer in a car, but on a black motorcycle. As we headed straight toward the creek, he motioned to a two-story house on the other side of the creek and said that he owned it, that he had just bought the house the day before. The house had obviously been quite grand at one time, but now was run down and abandoned. All the windows had been broken out. Yet I immediately liked the looks of the house and thought how challenging and interesting it would be to fix up an old house like that, especially in such a fine neighborhood as this.

Suddenly I knew what the man was going to try to do: he was going to try to jump the motorcycle across the creek. I could see that it was an impossible distance and that we would surely crash into the creek – some 10-15 meters below the top of the steep banks. Nevertheless, I was unafraid and as we raced toward the bank, I cavalierly continued talking about the house. As the man sped forward, he mentioned he would continue buying and fixing up the old house "…all through beauty."

Just then we reached the edge of the cliff and began flying across. But we were far short of the other side when we began to plummet toward the water below. For an instant, I felt fear surge through me as the sensation of uncontrolled falling almost overwhelmed me. Yet at the same time, I seemed to have some control of the situation, and I sensed I wouldn't be injured. Instead of panicking, I simply tried to enjoy the fall, until I felt myself hit the water.

I went under the water only for a moment, quickly resurfacing completely unharmed. But I feared my companion might not have been as fortunate, and when I didn't see him anywhere around me, I began groping in the water. I quickly found his limp body, heaved it out of the water and across my right shoulder. Although the water at first had seemed deep, I was now able to stand up in it and it only reached my waist.

Realizing I needed to act quickly, with my left hand I pounded my companion on the back. When he finally gasped and began spitting out water, I quipped to him, "Beauty's not over yet.

I was happy to have saved him. I now realized he was indeed Gregory Peck, and I was glad to have saved a man like him whom I admired. I felt sure he and I had many adventures ahead of us which we would share together.

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