Dream of: 06 May 1999 "Crushed Black Spiders"

A group of teenage boys had been engaged in some forbidden activity. The boys had first abandoned their homes, and then had committed a crime far from their homes. During the commission of the act, many of the boys had been injured and some had even been killed. Now, the maimed and mutilated bodies of the boys, both the living and the dead, were being returned to their home communities and their waiting families.

As people stood in the street and waited for the return of the boys, someone mentioned that the actor Mickey Rourke had been involved with the boys.

People said Rourke had crushed up a bunch of black spiders and had used the spiders when he had been committing the crime with the boys.

Some people were also worried about how to deal with the boys. The people were especially concerned about how to treat the dead boys. Should the dead be eulogized or condemned? It seemed wrong to criticize dead boys, but it also seemed wrong to praise them.

When the boys arrived, they were all in bits and pieces, in plastic bags. People began pulling the pieces out of the bags and I also joined in, pulling out the bloody pieces. I took off my shirt, not wanting to get blood on it, and I sucked in my stomach so no one would think I had a gut. As I continued, however, I began to become worried that I was going to be punished along with the other surviving boys because I now realized that I myself was one of the wayward boys.

I reached into one of the plastic sacks and pulled out the torso of a boy. The torso was small, probably of a child. Legs, arms, and head were missing. I gingerly laid the torso to the side with the other accumulated body parts.

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