Dream of: 04 May 1999 "Anatomy"

I was a student in a high school class, sitting in a classroom filled with students at their desks. I, however, wasn't sitting at a desk, but on a couch, along with a girl on my left and a fellow on my right. In front of us was a table on which we had placed our books and papers.

The teacher, an attractive woman (probably in her early 30s) was seated at a desk at the front of the room. She had already announced we weren't going to have a lesson today. Nevertheless, all the students still had to remain in the room and at their seats, even though they weren't going to be taught anything. I was a bit disappointed to hear this news because I was anxious to learn the lessons in this class.

I decided I didn't simply want to waste the time, and I thought I might be able to simply study on my own. I had recently become more interested in human anatomy, and I thought this might be a good time to delve more into that subject. I decided to start by drawing some anatomical parts on my papers. First I drew a stomach, and then over top the stomach I drew an esophagus. But I then realized I didn't know any other body parts to draw. The only parts I could remember were the stomach and esophagus.

As I had been working, I was increasingly aware of the girl sitting next to me. She was probably in her late teens and had blonde hair. She was obviously high quality, with a definite air of sophistication. I was immediately attracted to her, but I thought there was no chance she might be interested in me. However, I began to realize she was sitting much closer to me than she needed. She could have scooted to her left into a wide empty area of the couch. Instead, she was actually squeezed up against my side. I could only conclude she liked being next to me, and I began to entertain hopes she and I would become even closer.

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