Dream of: 03 May 1999 (2) "Pinocchio"

When I walked into the living room of the Summerdale Drive House, Carolina handed me the receiver of a telephone and told me that someone on the phone was pestering her and that she wanted me to get rid of the person. As I took the receiver in my hand, I thought she must be kidding, because this receiver looked like an old tin toy phone, painted a bright yellow, and covered with little figures from the movie Pinocchio. I was sure I recognized this phone as a toy which I owned and which was packed away in one of my storage boxes.

Nevertheless, I held the phone to my mouth, and since I thought the person on the other end spoke Spanish, I said, "Soy Steven." I was surprised to hear a female voice respond to me in a rather mocking manner that her name was also Steven. I immediately concluded whoever was on the phone must be simply playing games, and I simply cut off the connection.

I still held the receiver in my hands. I seemed to remember this phone had some special characteristics, and I pressed a little button on the phone. A long black piece of paper shot out from the phone, like a long unfolding frog's tongue, and then curled back into the phone. I pressed other buttons and other differently colored strips of paper shot out and came back. I thought the toy was quite clever.

However, I was still convinced the device was only a toy, and I said so to Carolina. I told her it was simply not possible for the device to work like a real phone. However, I still couldn't explain how I had been able to hear the voice on the phone. That puzzled me.

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