Dream of: 03 May 1999 "Triceratops"

In an almost desert-like scene, a group of animals were being herded toward a pool of water. The large animals were so strange-looking, I had to concentrate on them before I could discern what they were. Finally I concluded they were a form of dinosaur, probably triceratops. Since I knew these animals were long extinct, I thought these must be some kind of fakes, and that I was watching part of an elaborate production of a movie in which the animals were being used. But as I continued to watch the huge animals jump into the water, I became convinced the animals were real.

Clearly the animals were dying to get into the water. They looked as if they were just about to expire under the hot desert sun. When they reached the water, they all crowded in, vying for space. I was particularly moved by some of the younger animals which seemed to have difficulty getting into the water. They looked so helpless, I was worried they might be injured by the frenzied older animals which were competing for space.

I still believed the animals were being used in conjunction with a movie production. But I was becoming increasingly concerned for the welfare of the animals, especially the younger ones, and I hoped none of them would be injured.

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