Dream of: 28 April 1999 "Jail"

I was locked up in a crowded jail in another country. I hadn't been there long, but had already learned the other prisoners and I were let out of jail every day for an hour to go to a dance hall where we could drink, dance and party.

It was time for our daily foray to the dance hall, and along with the other inmates, I was standing in a line waiting to leave. Suddenly, I noticed the head guard had started doing a little dance of his own in front of everybody. As I watched the guard dance, I made the comment, "You can really cut loose here."

The accommodations weren't so bad. I thought to myself I could basically do whatever I wanted here. I said out loud, "This is a hundred times better than Iran."

I was being rather boastful, hoping the other prisoners would be impressed when they realized that this wasn't my first time in prison, that I had also spent time in an Iranian jail. But it didn't matter much what the others thought. Although I had started to befriend one fellow, I knew when I left this place I would probably never see anyone here again.

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