Dream of: 24 April 1999 "The Future"

Sometime in the future, I had gone to a gigantic movie theater packed with people. Since the movie hadn't yet started, I was able to take a seat in the middle of the theater, with people sitting all around me.

I knew people in the future were controlled, although they were allowed to do certain things. I didn't yet understand how the system worked. But down at one corner of the stage, I saw some strange, futuristic-looking people, and I knew they were keeping guard on things.

I had a book with me, in comic book format, except that it was almost five centimeters thick. The book, in colorful pictures, contained a description of this futuristic society. I hadn't yet read the book, but as I leafed through the pages, I perceived that it contained a colorful space-type story. I began reading from the beginning.

I had only finished the first page, when a woman, sitting next to me on my right, nudged me and asked me if I were aware that the men with black helmets were behind us. I had noticed the men before, but I hadn't paid much attention to them. Now, when I turned around, I could see two men with black helmets, standing at the rear of the theater, about ten meters away from me. Suddenly realizing that it was forbidden to read anything here in the future, I closed my book, and held it down low so no one could see it. I realized I had come close to committing a grievous crime. No one bothered me, but I was still a bit worried that someone might have seen me reading.

I turned back and looked again at the woman on my right who had nudged me. She was probably about 25 years old and quite beautiful. I began talking to her, and began to believe that personal relations were far looser here in the future, that it might be easy to get to know her. Indeed, within a matter of minutes, she and I had started kissing each other. As she passionately slipped her tongue into my mouth. I reflected how women sometimes didn't like to put their tongues into a man's mouth; but this woman obviously had no such qualms. I found the kiss extremely enjoyable.

At the same time, I realized another good-looking woman sitting on my left had spoken to me, and that she wanted in on the action. The woman whom I was kissing didn't seem to mind if I also engaged the other woman, and I even heard someone say something about twins. Looking at the two women more closely, I realized how much they resembled each other, and I asked if they were twins. But, before I could receive an answer, I began kissing the other woman on my left. At the seem time, I put my right hand between the legs of the woman on my right. She was wearing pants, and allowed me to massage her between her legs as much as I wanted. This was certainly a wonderful situation. I was very aroused.

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