Dream of: 21 April 1999 "On Trial For Murder"

I was going to be tried for a murder. At the time of the murder, I had already been in jail, under arrest, with my hands handcuffed behind my back. While my guards had been leading me somewhere, something had happened and I had managed to knock down one of the guards, and apparently the guard had died as a result of the fall.

My father had found a lawyer to represent me, a man about 50 years old. The lawyer had come to visit me in the jail. The lawyer, a guard and a couple other men were now standing with me in one of the hallways of the jail. I was rather dissatisfied with the lawyer, who hadn't yet asked me any questions about the death of the guard. Of course the lawyer had only been hired a couple days ago, but the trial was going to take place tomorrow, and he needed to know what had happened.

I suggested we reenact the whole scene wherein the guard had died. I especially wanted the lawyer to see what had occurred. When everyone agreed, we began going through the motions of what had happened when the guard had died. To my utter dismay, however, the lawyer left. I immediately realized the lawyer didn't care anything about my case, and I wondered how much he was being paid.

Even though the lawyer had left, I continued acting out the scene. I remembered that while I was being transported, I had broken loose and knocked down the guard. But even though I had knocked down the guard, I could see numerous holes in the case against me. My main defense would be a complete lack of intent. I certainly hadn't intended to kill the guard. However, proving my lack of intent would be difficult.

One of the guards (about 40 years old with blond hair) who was now accompanying me, was one of the same guards who had been with me when the other guard had been killed. He didn't mind helping me to reenact the scene. He showed how he had grabbed me, and how I had broken free. As we went through the motions, I recalled that I had indeed been angry about something at the time of the incident, and that I had behaved somewhat violently. However, I still had certainly not intended to kill anyone.

I talked with the guard about the incident. He brought up a point which I thought was important. He owned a collection of statues which were each about 30 centimeters tall. The statues resembled some impressive works of art which I had recently seen at an Artfest in Fort Worth. Each statue depicted a man whose arms and legs were wrapped around himself in a bizarre yet beautiful way. I recalled the statues had been quite expensive, and I wondered how the guard could have afforded to buy them. Could he have somehow bought them wholesale? The important point, however, was that at the time the guard had been killed, one of the statues had been in the room, and I had tried to avoid knocking over the statue. From this meager fact, I concluded I might be able to prove that the statue had caused the death of the guard. At any rate, I definitely needed to use a subpoena to have the statues brought into court.

I decided I needed to subpoena everything I could for the trial. I also decided I was going to defend myself. Doing so would be dangerous, but the attorney which my father had hired was definitely not doing the job. I would fire the attorney immediately.

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