Dream of: 20 April 1999 "Born To A Nun"

I was at a college in Mansfield, Ohio, with a group of other students just starting college for the first time. Although I was also a student, I had already graduated from another college. I was now contemplating obtaining a second degree. Our group was first given a short tour of the college. We passed by old elegant buildings constructed of dark brown brick as someone explained what was contained in the various buildings. One building where classes were given had something to do with nuns and prioresses. I thought to myself that I wasn't even sure what a prioress was.

We finally entered a building, walked into a classroom and took our seats. For some reason, I was called on to give a short speech to the students. I was supposed to explain what would happen if someone were to take a class and later drop the class. As I stood up in front of the class, I reflected that I was young and handsome, with long blonde hair. I also noticed that many young attractive women were in the class.

I first asked the students if this college was a branch of Ohio University. I knew Ohio University had branches in several cities around Ohio. I was told that this college was indeed a branch of Ohio University. I then began talking about my topic. I made a joke by saying that I had previously attended Ohio University, and that I had become quite knowledgeable about the topic of dropping classes. Several people laughed. I told them I wasn't exactly sure how a dropped class would appear on a student's transcript, or how someone recruiting for a job would view a dropped class on a transcript.

As I spoke, I noticed that a young boy to my left was talking to someone about mathematics. Since he was interrupting my speech, I stopped for a moment to show my aggravation, until he finally sat back down.

I continued my speech, trying to be as colorful as possible, realizing I had quite a bit of college experience, while all the students in front of me were only fresh recruits. One young attractive lady, however, obviously didn't appreciate my rambling speech, and she said something disdainful to me. I didn't acknowledge her, and I continued my speech. I explained that when considering the impact of dropping a class, it was important to consider what type of class was involved. For instance, I explained, a class on mathematics would carry different weight than a class on nuns or prioresses. Classes on nuns and prioresses were taken to learn something, but were of no real academic value.

I finally concluded that if a person were interested in a subject, he or she should go ahead and sign up to take the class, and then simply drop the course after a short while if he or she didn't like the class.


After the class had dispersed, an extremely attractive woman and I were the only ones left in the classroom. She had earlier caught my eye. She had long brown hair and was dressed in a simple dark one-piece dress which fell to just above her knees. The dress looked like something a peasant woman from the 1800's might wear.

She and I left the classroom and began strolling through the halls and rooms of the building. As I talked about the college, the woman began to realize that I was very familiar with the place. She could also see that when I had been talking in a rambling way earlier in the classroom, I had spoken that way on purpose, to put the students at ease. In reality I had known exactly what I had been talking about because I had so much knowledge of this place.

I finally led the woman into a corner room, where I pulled her into my arms and began passionately kissing her. I put my hands under her dress and pulled my fingers up to the cheeks of her butt. Obviously she wasn't wearing any panties. This was the first time she and I had been together like this, but I thought she had purposely not worn panties because she had anticipated that this might happen with me.

When we finally broke away from our kiss, she made a comment about how knowledgeable I was about this place. I explained part of the reason I knew so much by saying, "I was born in this room to a nun."

No wonder I knew so much about the place. However, I immediately realized being born to a nun was a rather dubious distinction. On one hand, I felt proud that my mother had been a nun. But on the other hand, what kind of nun has children?

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