Dream of: 16 April 1999 "Moving To Florida"

Carolina and I had moved to Florida. We had rented a small apartment, with a large living room, not far from the beach, but not close enough to the beach so we could see it. We were just finishing moving things into the apartment. In the process my pet Dalmatian Picasso and my pet Dalmatian Chaucer slipped outside and began running around. I didn't want the dogs to run off. I noticed several other dogs also running loose in the neighborhood, and before I knew it, my dogs had run off with the others.

I walked outside onto a small dirt street right behind the apartment, and began looking for my dogs. It didn't take me long to find both dogs. I caught both of them in the middle of the street and held onto them. I even covered Chaucer with a blanket. Meanwhile, a black crow circled in and landed about 60 centimeters away from us. The crow approached me as if it were going to try to peck me. I began trying to pull the cover off of Chaucer so he could protect me from the bird. When I looked back at the bird, it had turned into a large black dog. Finally I had to let my dogs go so I could concentrate on protecting myself from the black dog. My dogs immediately ran off again, and the black dog likewise ran off.

I started walking again, realizing I would have to start all over looking for my dogs. Suddenly a large bird landed on a fence near me. The bird was about a foot tall and had beautiful blue feathers, outlined in white. A smaller bird, about the size of a humming bird, flew up and hovered near the head of the larger bird. Suddenly the smaller bird squirted some kind of liquid from its beak onto the larger bird. I realized the two birds were mating, even though the they looked so different and the one bird was so much larger than the other. Finally both birds flew away.

All kinds of birds were flying around the area. One large blue bird, about two foot long, was floating through the air like a fish might swim through water. I had never seen such a bird.

I headed on back to the apartment, walked in, and began talking to Carolina about the place. This apartment was far inferior to our home in Texas. But we were only paying $265.00 a month, which I thought was a good deal. With the money I had, I could live a very long time for $265.00 a month.

We still hadn't sold our house in Texas. I would have to return to Texas to sell the house. I figured I should be able to get about $100,000.00 for the house. But I was still uncertain about what Carolina and I were going to do. We had lived in Texas for so long, and Florida was so different from Texas, I was uncertain we would want to stay here. At the same time, there was no doubt in my mind that Florida was a much better place to live than Texas. For one thing, people in Florida were much more liberal than the people in Texas. But even though I was happy to be in Florida, I was apprehensive about leaving Texas because I was so used to Texas. However, Carolina seemed willing to take the risk, so it looked as if we were going to stay here in Florida.

Finally I went outside again to look for my dogs. Hundreds of dogs were running all over the place. After walking up and down several streets, I spotted Chaucer on the other side of the street from the apartment. I went after him, but he kept running away every time I got close. Finally I caught him, and as heavy as he was, I picked him up in my arms and began carrying him. As I headed back toward the apartment, I spotted the beach, which wasn't far away.

I carried Chaucer into the apartment, locked him inside, then went back out to look for Picasso. I finally spotted him in the opposite direction from where I had found Chaucer. Picasso was in a small vacant field and I had to go down a small hill to reach him. He was running with several other dogs, and when I finally caught him, a large brown dog with him grabbed onto the glove which I was wearing on my hand. Struggling to hold onto Picasso, I couldn't shake the big brown dog loose.

Finally two men working nearby on a truck, walked over and pulled the brown dog off me. I was very thankful. I asked one of the men if dogs were allowed to run free around here. I liked the idea of not having to have the dogs on a leash, but I was a little taken aback by the number of dogs running free around here. It occurred to me that wild dogs might be allowed to run free in this neighborhood, but that I might end up having to keep my dogs on a leash. If I didn't do so, my dogs might end up becoming as wild as the other dogs.

I again thanked the man, and with Picasso in tow, headed back toward my apartment.

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