Dream of: 12 April 1999 "The Whale"

My father was sitting next to me on my left on board a passenger jet headed from Texas to Ohio. We were both weary and several times each of us dozed off and rested our heads on the shoulder of the other. I was tired and anxious for the flight to end, and was thus disappointed when I realized we were about to land in Dallas – we had originally taken off from a city in south Texas, and only now had we made it as far as Dallas.

After the plane had landed and taxied to stop, I decided to get off and step into the terminal for a few minutes. My father remained in his seat as I made my way off the plane into the terminal. Just as soon as I set foot inside, I saw a schedule which indicated the flight would last almost three more hours. I was discouraged to learn this. It looked as if we would have yet another stop before we reached Ohio.

The interior of the terminal resembled the inside of a gymnasium – hardwood floors and stark bare walls. I had by now shrugged off my drowsiness and was glad I had come inside because I remembered I needed to do something here. With me I was carrying a long cut-out picture of a whale, perhaps 10 meters long. It was my intention to hang the picture of the whale on the side of one of the walls in the room.

Attaching the picture to the wall turned out to be quite a task. When some other people showed up to watch, I had an idea. I also had with me some pictures of small radios. I began handing out the pictures to the people, who gladly accepted them. The radios in the pictures actually worked and some of the people even turned them on. Everyone was grateful for the radios, and immediately all the people volunteered to help me with my job of putting up the whale picture. I thought to myself I had learned a valuable lesson here. I figured the radios were only worth about five cents apiece; yet with such small gifts I was able to obtain the valuable assistance of all these grateful people. I might have other projects in the future where I would need people's help like this. With everyone working together, we soon had the picture of the whale in place.


I returned the next day to check on the picture. A woman met me at the door and quickly informed me the picture of the whale needed to be removed because it was incomplete. I walked over to the whale and saw the problem. The picture of the whale had originally consisted of several parts which had been assembled together. Two of the parts had been what I identified as the "pectoral fins." These pectoral fins were now missing from the picture. I walked over to the wall where the picture was hanging and looked around. Suddenly, behind what looked like a little wooden fence, I saw the pictures of the pectoral fins lying on the ground. I pointed them out to the woman, identifying them as the "pecs," and told her I would quickly attach the pecs to the whale. I hoped this would satisfy her and she would allow my whale to remain on the wall.

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