Dream of: 07 April 1999 "A Death Wish"

I was watching a very strange story which felt more like a fairy tale than anything else. The story was taking place in a small village which seemed to be in Denmark. In the story, a man (who looked very much like Danny Kaye) had proclaimed he could walk on water by stepping on pieces of wood and cardboard which had been thrown onto the water. Since people in the village didn't believe what the man was saying, they accompanied him to the shore of the water to watch him. The people first threw pieces of wood and cardboard onto the water, then stood back and watched in amazement as the man began walking across the water.

The people on the shore, believing they also might be able to walk on the water, likewise stepped out onto the pieces of wood and cardboard, and indeed, they were also able to walk on the water. The sight was incredible, people walking and bobbing over the water's surface. Everyone became so happy, and they all began singing, just like in some kind of fairy tale.

Suddenly, before my eyes, the scene shifted, to a man and a boy. The man was sitting at a piano, while the boy stood on the other side of the piano. As it turned out, the man and boy traveled around from village to village, and told and sang stories to the villagers. The man was now concentrating on the story of the man who walked on water, and was trying to think of an appropriate title for the story. Finally, as a title to the story, the man blurted out, "A death wish of a great wish … coming for to carry me home."

The boy seemed amused by what the man had said, and somewhat sardonically quipped, "Say it again, dad."

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