Dream of: 06 April 1999 (2) "My Daughter"

With several members of my family, I was watching a television show. One person on the show was a woman named Judy, a woman whom I thought might be my daughter. Although she was a grown woman, I had never actually met her, and I wasn't even sure she was my daughter. She was very pretty (although her nose seemed a bit awkward) and she had a shapely figure. She had long brown hair and was dressed in a majorette outfit.

Suddenly, Judy, with several members of her family, was standing in the same room as my family and I. After some hesitation, I finally managed to pull her over to the side and tell her I needed to talk with her about something. She seemed to think I wanted to have some sexual contact with her, and she began to lower her head, as if she were going to perform fellatio on me. But I stopped her and said, "No, its not that."

When she straightened up and stood in front of me, I explained to her that she might be my daughter. I further explained I would like to obtain a blood test to determine the truth of my suspicions. She was extremely friendly, and immediately agreed to my request. I put my arms around her and hugged her. She mentioned that one of the girls with her family was her daughter. She also mentioned she had another daughter named Sarah who didn't live with her. She said Sarah only had four fingers on one hand.

We walked around for a few minutes together, finally returning to her family, who were now all outside, boarding a car. She got into her car with her family, while I boarded a little red Volkswagen bug. But just as her car started to pull off, I suddenly remembered something, and hollered to her that I hadn't gotten her phone number. I thought I might be able to get the number from someone else the next day, but I would prefer to have the number now from her.

As I followed her car down the street, she called out the phone number to me. I tried to write it down, but I was having trouble writing and driving at the same time. I hollered back to Judy she should write down the number and pass it over to me. She said she would. Meanwhile, I had to concentrate on driving in order to avoid hitting the car in front of me. I seemed to be having trouble driving, putting on the brakes, and dealing with Judy at the same time.

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