Dream of: 06 April 1999 "Blood Test"

As I was talking on the phone with Birdie, I could visualize the two-story house where Birdie was living with her husband, Rick. Suddenly Birdie said she thought Rick had been listening on the phone to our conversation. I asked if there was another phone in her house, and she replied there was. She said she thought Rick might have picked up the phone, held a pillow over it and had listened to us. I didn't know what she meant by his using a pillow, but I did understand Rick was now upset.

Nevertheless, I was anxious to get to the point of our conversation: Brandi. At the time Brandi had been born, Birdie had been having sex with both Rick and me. When Birdie had learned she was pregnant, she had married Rick. Even though it was highly possible Brandi had been my child, Birdie had always refused to allow a blood test to determine who the actual father was. Since Birdie was now being so friendly on the telephone, I thought there was a chance she would relent and allow the blood test.

I mentioned to Birdie that our lives had become twisted and entwined with each other, even more so now that we were once again talking with each other. The twists and turns of our lives seemed incredible. I wanted to emphasize that even after all these years, we were still connected to each other. Finally I said to her, "I'll tell you what I want from you, and you tell me what you want from me."

Now I was ready to tell her that what I wanted most from her was to have Brandi take a blood test.

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