Dream of: 04 April 1999 "Unfair"

In my last year of high school, I was sitting in a classroom filled with people. I had been missing many of my classes lately, including the last three days. Suddenly, I realized I had missed so many classes this year, I might not even graduate. However, because I had already attended law school, I wasn't particularly concerned. Even if I didn't graduate from high school, I still had a law degree to fall back on.

The classroom also doubled as a courtroom, and this very day a trial was supposed to take place here. I was representing a fellow who would be on trial. He was a tall fellow, slim and fit (probably in his mid 30s). He wasn't yet in the courtroom, but was in another room upstairs. When a bailiff was dispatched to bring my client down to the courtroom, I sat down at the counsel table.

I was only about 25 years old. My hair was quite long (but neat), falling all the way to my mouth in the front. I was bit nervous because my case was so weak. My client was being prosecuted for drugs, and the evidence against him was overwhelming. I had almost no chance of winning.

I remained seated at the counsel table, in front of the judge. Finally I announced to the judge that my client's being on trial was unfair. The audience (in the courtroom behind me) murmured. The people seemed to feel sorry for me because they realized I had no case, and that I wasn't going to be able to do anything to help my client.

The bailiff returned to report that my client wasn't upstairs, but was in a classroom next door. As the bailiff left to go next door, I decided to go along. When the bailiff and I reached the classroom next door, I was surprised to see so many people in the room, more than a hundred. I knew everyone in the room was watching me, wondering what I was going to do.

When the bailiff found my client, I walked over to my client and tried to comfort him. He didn't seem very worried. He seemed resigned to the situation. He was neatly dressed in a jacket. His hair had been long, but had been cut short. He was at least going to make a neat impression. Nevertheless, we all knew that practically nothing could be done to win this case. I would do the best I could to defend him. But he was obviously going to be convicted, however unfair that might be.

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