Dream of: 03 April 1999 (2) "Dream"

As I sat by myself at a booth in a restaurant, eating a meal, I was thinking that many of the people who read my dreams had no idea what I looked like. I was also thinking about the immigration newsgroup on which I had been posting messages on the internet, and about how no one on that newsgroup knew what I looked like.

I stopped a moment and took a look at myself. I was wearing a blue jean jacket, blue jean pants, and a cap. My face was unshaven. I was rather scruffy-looking. I thought if someone were to walk into the restaurant and realize I was the person who had been writing on the internet, the person would probably be surprised. The person would have probably expected me to look better than this. Surely anyone who had read what I had written on the immigration law newsgroup would have expected me to look tidier.

However, I also knew I looked like this on purpose. If anyone would simply look in my eyes, he or she would see I was much different inside than the way I now appeared here in this restaurant.

As I continued to sit at the booth, the waiter and another person finally walked over and took away my table. Another smaller table, more like a coffee table, was then placed in front of me.

A short black-haired woman (about 30 years old) wearing a sarong like an Indian, walked up, placed some food on the table, and sat down across from me. I realized that she was probably someone having an immigration problem, and that she wanted to talk with me. I figured she was probably from India.

I motioned to the waiter. I wanted to tell him that when he had taken away the large table, that he had also carried away my plate. I still had a little bit of food which I wanted to eat. The waiter brought back my plate and sat it on the small table in front of me.

I was unsure what to say to the woman sitting across from me. But I was glad she had sat down at my table, and I began talking with her. As I progressed with my conversation, I suddenly realized everything that had happened to me had been a dream. I began thinking back over what had happened to me, thinking I would have to write the dream down. As I mulled the dream over in my mind, the dream began to seem so long, I began to imagine the dream as a small book. The pages which I envisioned weren't long, but the dream itself was quite lengthy.

I thought when I finished writing this particular dream, I might post it on the immigration law newsgroup, which I sometimes visited. I also often visited another newsgroup, a dream newsgroup, where I regularly posted my dreams. I only talked about immigration matters on the immigration newsgroup, and only about dreams on the dreams newsgroup. But I was now thinking I might like to tie my life in immigration law to my dream life. I thought if I would post this particular dream on the immigration newsgroup and direct people from the immigration law newsgroup to my dream webpage, the immigration people might not only read this dream, but also become interested in my other dreams.

For quite some time I had been thinking of trying to find some way to tie these two different lives together – my legal life and my dream life. But I was still uncertain I should attempt to connect the two lives. It would be a shock for all the people who knew me in my legal life to realize I wrote all these dreams, and for them to see what was taking place in my dreams. At the same time, it seemed like an interesting concept.

I wondered how I would title the entry on the immigration law newsgroup. I might simply title it "Dream." Or I might come up with a title the way I normally did when I posted a dream on the dream newsgroup.

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