Dream of: 02 April 1999 "Outcasts"

A group of 25-30 people and I had been traveling around together, and had ended up on a beach by the ocean. I was a bit apprehensive, because I was barefoot, and the beach was cluttered with trash, including several used syringes. All of us quickly made our way to an old bus abandoned on the beach, and we all climbed in. As we stepped aboard, I noticed several stacks of old Playboys and Penthouse magazines on the front floorboard. I kicked one of the stacks and quipped to someone it was too bad we didn't have a computer with us, because I could probably sell the magazines on Ebay, where I had seen such magazines being sold for as much as five dollars apiece.

Once we had all boarded the bus, we decided this would be a good place to stay for a while. My companions – men and women – were a rough lot. Many had tattoos. I thought to myself these were my type of people. Although they were all outcasts from society, they were very strong outcasts. Because they didn't live in the normal world of society, I concluded these were the kind of people with whom I belonged. Since I hadn't been with the group long, I thought I might have to fight one of the men to prove who I was. I watched one strong, muscular fellow practice some karate moves on the bus. I likewise practiced a few karate moves, to show I also knew some karate. I easily extended my leg straight out in the air, parallel to the ground. It had been a long time since I had practiced any karate, and I myself was surprised I could still stretch my leg like this.

We found a television, cleaned it off, and turned it on. I sat down in front of it and began watching a show in Spanish. As I became more and more engrossed in the Spanish, I realized all my companions had to go somewhere, and that they had left me sitting alone. But I couldn't tear myself away from the television, and continued staring at it. By the time all the others had disappeared, the bus seemed more like a cave, with me sitting at the back of the cave, watching the television.

When I finally heard some people coming in, my attention was drawn to the mouth of the cave. I looked up to see several men, strangers, dressed like policemen or soldiers, entering with some women. They all looked as if they were intoxicated on alcohol, and I was immediately worried they were going to cause me problems. Suddenly, one of the men pulled a gun on me. I knew the men intended to kill me so they could take over the cave and be here with their women.

As the man with the gun forced me further back toward the rear of the cave, I was able to suddenly grab the gun. I pointed the gun toward the man's head. But I had a problem. The cartridge wasn't in the gun, and although I had grabbed the cartridge at the same time I had grabbed the gun, I couldn't seem to fit the cartridge into the gun. The other men began inching closer and closer to me. They also had guns, but I concluded they were not firing at me because they were afraid of hitting the man standing in front of me, at whom I was still pointing my useless gun.

I kept backing up further into the cave, until I noticed some small tunnels. Suddenly, I turned, dashed into one of the tunnels and began running. I was unsure if anyone would follow me into the tunnels. I hoped I could just disappear.

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