Dream of: 31 March 1999 "The Old Woman And The Angel"

I seemed to be out of my body, watching an old woman lying on her side on a bed in a hospital, near death. The old woman, now withered and wrinkled, looked as if she probably had been quite attractive when she had been young. As a doctor walked into the room and looked at the old woman, I began thinking about old people in general, and how helpless they were. Many people, especially doctors, seemed to become inured to the sufferings of old people. But it seemed to me that old people also had feelings, and that they should be cared for. I even thought I might like to do something for old people, to help them.

Suddenly, the woman expired. Yet even though she had died, she raised herself into a sitting position, opened her eyes, and looked toward the foot of the bed as if she were expecting something. A man (who somewhat reminded me of Danny Kaye) was sitting at the foot of the bed. From the glow of his body, it was immediately clear that he was an angel and that he had come to take the woman away with him.

As the woman stood up from the bed, she also had a glow about her. Even though she was old, she now somehow seemed young and radiant. She was dressed in a black bra, black panties, a black garter belt and black stockings. She was beautiful. As she turned toward the angel, he pointed one of his fingers up toward the sky, then he stood up next to her.

As they stood next to each other near the door, they both suddenly began singing. They looked as if they were actors straight out of an old musical from the 1950s. The woman, young and extremely sexy, sang exuberantly, "I'm waiting for the turn of the century, just so I can see how it will be."

But then she made it clear that she wasn't going to be waiting any longer. Now that she knew she was going to go, she was very happy. Continuing their song, the angel and the woman, headed for the door to leave.

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