Dream of: 30 March 1999 "Austin"

My mother and I were in a bankruptcy courtroom in Austin, Texas. Besides myself, many other attorneys were in the courtroom, and they, like I, had come there today in order to be admitted to practice bankruptcy law in Austin. After everyone had sat down, the bankruptcy judge walked in and sat down in the front of the room. He was a middle-aged man who closely resembled judge Rodgers (a Dallas immigration judge).

The judge began talking about bankruptcy law, and he explained there were four ways a bankruptcy case could be re-filed after it had been dismissed. I immediately began trying to remember what the four ways were. As soon as I was sure I knew all four ways, I thought of raising my hand and saying something. However, I suddenly realized I wasn't wearing a shirt. Instead, I had a blanket wrapped around me. Fortunately, at least I was wearing a pair of pants under the blanket. Since I knew most judges didn't permit anyone to enter the courtroom without a shirt, I thought it would be best if I didn't say anything. I didn't need to draw attention to myself.

The judge continued talking until the session finally ended and everyone began standing up to leave. Before we could depart, however, we needed to sign our names to a paper. I walked over to where the lined paper was lying and I signed my name.

As I turned and headed toward the door, I suddenly stopped and realized I hadn't put down my address along with my name. My mother suddenly told me that there had been a second paper, and that she had written my name and address on the paper. I was glad she had done what she had done. Nevertheless, for some reason, she and I began having an altercation, and by the time we reached the car, we weren't speaking to each other.

We boarded the car and headed down the road. I would have liked to have stayed another night in Austin. But although we had spent the previous night in a hotel room, we no longer had the room, and would have to drive all the way back to Dallas, a couple hundred miles away. It was certainly going to be uncomfortable traveling all the way to Dallas without speaking.

As we rode along, I thought I was going to like practicing law in Austin. However, when I thought about it, I didn't understand why I was going to move to Austin, and why I didn't simply stay in Dallas. I already knew how the system functioned in Dallas. Moving to Austin and setting up a new law office would be difficult. The idea didn't make good sense. I hadn't even intended to practice law again in Texas. But if I were going to practice law, why would I go to Austin?

Of course meeting new judges would be interesting. I thought about an attorney I knew, Daffin. She represented creditors in bankruptcy cases all over the state and traveled all the time to different cities and knew all the bankruptcy judges in the state.

I also recalled lately I had been dreaming about Austin, and I wondered what the people who read my dreams thought when they saw me dreaming about Austin. They would probably wonder whether I was living in Austin or in Dallas.

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